Brief introduction

     The team of the Center for Biological Resources Conservation and Comprehensive Utilization in Southern Minority Areas is a conscientious and courageous team. For a long time, it has been insisting on the scientific investigation of the background data of biodiversity in minority areas and actively carried out the cooperation of production, teaching and research. The team mainly takes the protection and utilization of plant germplasm as the research direction, and takes the protection and comprehensive development and utilization of important economic plant resources in Wuling Mountain as the main task. The research contents mainly include three parts: upstream, responsible for field investigation, classification and identification of important plant resources in Wuling Mountain, and varieties of characteristic Germplasm Resources such as safflower and yam. Improvement; In the middle reaches, we will establish a technical system of analysis, extraction and inspection for the development of special economic plant resources in Wuling Mountain area, which is led by safflower, purple potato, yam, kiwifruit and pueraria root, to help enterprises achieve quality standardization and serve as a bridge between enterprises and teams; downstream, we will be responsible for the deep processing of relevant agricultural products and product development, production line pilot and pilot-scale production. Other industries are developed to achieve seamless connection from plants to laboratories to products.