Carthamus tinctorius Database

Brief introduction

         Carthamus tinctorius L., widely accepted as Safflower or false saffron, belongs to the Compositae or Asteraceae family. It is a multipurpose crop grown for its foliage, flowers, and seeds, which are used for diverse purposes, such as medicine, edible oil, feed, fabric dye, and food coloring.
         With recent advances of next-generation sequencing technology, genome sequencing and RNA-sequencing (RNA-Seq) have emerged as a powerful approach for the genome study in non-model plants. While the Safflower genome was sequenced and annotated and its germplasm resources are collected, the database of Carthamus tinctorius was born. The database also mines the NGS data and presents them in a user friendly format which may facilitate further study by the scientists. Other applications are also integrated in this hub, including BLAST, Jbrowse , localization of SNP and genes, gene annotation.